Saturday, March 30, 2013

Belle Isle Neighborhood Watch - Now Recruiting!

At the recent City Council meeting, Police Chief Jackson announced that the Belle Isle Police Department now has a trained Community Relations Officer on staff. Her name is Angela Hutschenreuter and she will be working to help residents start neighborhood watch programs throughout Belle Isle.

Neighborhood watch programs are all about organization. You are probably aware of the value of an organized network of citizens in detecting and deterring crime. But you may not be aware that neighborhood watch programs can also be instrumental in preparing for and recovering from natural disasters.

I have been speaking with Ms. Hutschenreuter about volunteering to coordinate a neighborhood watch in my district, covering Conway Circle, Swann Avenue, Idaho Avenue, and Lake Drive from Nela Avenue to Perkins Avenue. Since the districts aren't named yet, I'll call this district the Swann Beach district. Here's a rough map of the Swann Beach district:

Please contact me at if you are located in the Swann Beach district and interested in volunteering as a block captain. Very little is required of a block captain. It's basically just a commitment to communicate information when needed and it comes with a cool title. We only need one or two block captains to get started.

Want to help start a neighborhood watch in your district? Contact Angela Hutschenreuter at for more information on becoming a neighborhood watch coordinator or block captain in your district.

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