Wednesday, March 27, 2013

City Council Special Meeting Summary - March 27, 2013 [UPDATE]

In case you were unable to attend the Belle Isle City Council Special Meeting this morning, here are some highlights:

The Council discussed the Mayor's open letter to the City Manager and City Council regarding cancellation of the Belle Isle fire department project. The Mayor confirmed that the fire department project has been terminated. See a copy of the Mayor's letter dated March 11, 2013 here:

Commissioners Harvey Readey and Eric Spaulding spoke in support of City transparency. They requested that the Council publicly solicit input from the residents of Belle Isle before the City undertakes any major projects in the future. Mr. Spaulding suggested holding open town hall meetings in which residents could ask questions of the Mayor and City Council members. No formal proposal or motion on this matter was made by the Council.

It was announced at the meeting that the City's prior attorney, John Bennett, will no longer be acting as the City's primary attorney. No reason was given for the termination of his contract, although Mr. Bennett will be retained as a consultant on an as-needed basis because of his 40+ years of experience with local Belle Isle matters. The Council voted to approve a contract with a new attorney who will be providing services to the City at the same rate as the services previously provided by Mr. Bennett.

The Mayor announced that Belle Isle was chosen as a "city of distinction" and will be featured on an upcoming television broadcast.

The City Council discussed moving forward with a plan proposed at the last Council workshop meeting to build a new speed bump on Nela Avenue. It will be located before the sharp curve leading up to Seminole Drive.

This is just a small sampling of the issues discussed at this morning's meeting. See the official City Hall minutes for further information. The minutes are typically approved at the next City Council meeting and then posted to the City's official page.

See something important that I missed? Catch a mistake? Email me at with your thoughts!

Update 3/28/13:  For those interested, the name of our new City Attorney is Frank Kruppenbacher.  Based on the information I have found, Mr. Kruppenbacher appears exceptionally qualified for this position and his rates are quite reasonable. Here is some information about him:

Frank Kruppenbacher Bio - Morgan & Morgan, P.A.

Frank Kruppenbacher - Florida Bar Info

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