Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Open Letter from Sue Nielsen [UPDATE]

I recently received an interesting correspondence from Belle Isle resident Sue Nielsen. It is an open letter from Mrs. Nielsen to the Belle Isle Mayor and City Commissioners.

The focus of Mrs. Nielsen's letter is City Hall's apparent mismanagement of the Belle Isle fire department project. She examines this mismanagement in the context of other questionable decisions made by City Hall over the past years - decisions which have racked up millions of dollars in debt in the City's name.

While Mrs. Nielsen makes many excellent points in her letter, I found section 4 to be especially intriguing.  Mrs. Nielsen calls into question the seeming web of connections between the cities of Belle Isle and Ocoee.  These connections became especially apparent during her investigation of the City's fire department project and include a connection between Butch Stanley, the fire chief hired by Belle Isle City Hall, and Crown Consulting, the consulting company that performed the feasibility study and hired Chief Stanley.

Interested in reading Sue Nielsen's original letter? Access it here:

Sue Nielsen Open Letter - March 26, 2013

Anyone have more information? Drop me a line at contact@belleislesun.org.

UPDATE 3/27/13: This morning, I received the following email correspondence from City Commissioner Harvey Readey to Sue Nielsen:


Your open letter was read this morning by me and I concur with many of your observations. The City Council Workshop is scheduled for this morning (March 27 at 8:30 a.m.).

I will asked the Council to enter into the workshop minutes.

By the way only three ( I was elected) of the seven Commissioners now serving  were  elected. The rest were recommended by the Mayor and approved by the Council majority vote as currently required by our City Charter.. I have attempted to change the charter so that when a Commissioer resigns before their term has ended we hold a special election for replacement unless we are within 6 months of the end of the 3 years term. The Mayor and most of the Council have rejected this proposal. That concerns me to this day.

Harvey Readey -- Your Commissioner

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