Saturday, May 4, 2013

Annexation Alert, Part 3: This is Pete Madison

I finally caught up with long-time Belle Isle resident Pete Madison. We had a long conversation about our histories in Belle Isle and our feelings about some recent local issues. Of course, we discussed Belle Isle's proposed annexation of Taft. Pete made some great points in favor of annexing Taft, so I asked if I could write an article about his position.

Pete was surprised and excited to learn that Belle Isle is still considering annexation of Taft, as he thought that City Hall had abandoned those annexation plans. He believes that approving this annexation would be of great benefit to Belle Isle residents because of the added tax base with few added expenditures. More specifically, Pete says:

“It's a win-win situation. This is not a proposal to change an existing Belle Isle area to industrial, Taft is already there. Nothing is changing. Meanwhile, Belle Isle gets a chance to pick up the additional tax revenue, which it could use to improve it's services and enhance the community, and we all get a lowered property tax bill to go with it.”

While I don't have the data or expertise to evaluate his argument, Pete gave me absolutely no reason to doubt its accuracy.

My position is still that the potential tax savings would not be worth devaluing the Belle Isle "brand" by spreading it over a bunch of corporate and industrial properties that don’t represent our residential town. But Pete also makes the good point that just calling a property part of "Belle Isle" doesn't suddenly transport it to your backyard.

Although Pete and I disagree about whether annexing portions of Taft is right for our City, we agreed on something just as important. Annexation, if pursued by the City, needs to be done the right way - with the knowledge and approval of Belle Isle residents.

Mr. Madison has read and approved this article.

Do you have an opposing viewpoint to something written on the Sun? If so, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I can see why Pete Madison would want this annexation of parts of Taft as he is an owner of many properties in Taft. It's a total win win for him as his property values would surely rise. However, Belle Isle properties would surely not by being associated with Taft. It all comes down to whether our officials are looking out for what's best for our city or for they're personal gain.

  2. well said. The annexation would mostly benefit Madison no wonder he is encouraging it. What's wrong with the size of the city now?

  3. How about a big fact that his racetrack will reopen so all the efforts of the residents,of surrounding areas its a big screw you. and guess who wins Pete Madison what a coincidence.hummmmm


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