Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Still Curious About the Belle Isle Fire Department?

As of the last City Council meeting, it appears that the Belle Isle Fire Department has been formally abolished by the Council. However, residents still have many unanswered questions about our City's abandoned fire department project.

I initially requested all documents from the City related to the fire department project. These documents have been posted to for months. However, when I inquired about certain records that appeared to be missing, such as a large number of applications for the Fire Chief position, I was informed by City Hall that those records were held by Crown Consulting and never provided to the City.

After requesting Crown Consulting's complete file on Belle Isle and waiting over five weeks, I have finally received Crown Consulting's records regarding the Fire Chief search. It appears that the Fire Chief search must have been Crown Consulting's only responsibility regarding the fire department project, since those records are all they produced.

You can view the new records at under "Fire Department/Crown Consulting File" or get to them directly here.

Find anything interesting? Contact me or post a comment below - I'll update this story as needed.


  1. How much did we pay "Crown Consulting"? That is an extremely unprofessional document they produced. Again, I feel like the city is not being completely open and honest.
    Thank you for what you are doing.
    I wonder if there is a connection between the mayor and/or city manager and this "consulting" group?

  2. $1500....hardly seems a professional report.


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