Monday, July 1, 2013

City Hall's Latest Ploy & Tuesday Meeting Agenda

The Tuesday City Council meeting agenda has been posted, you can view a copy here:

City Council Meeting Agenda - July 2, 2013

The agenda states that the Council will be discussing the "surplus" building located at 5920 Randolph Avenue. It also mentions further Council discussion of the Inter-local Agreement with Orange County for Fire/Rescue services, which has still not been signed despite the City's seeming abandonment of its fire department plans. Although no other items are specifically mentioned in the agenda, many other topics may still be discussed at the meeting.

If you weren't at the workshop meeting last Wednesday, you may notice that discussion of the City Manager contract is conspicuously absent from this Tuesday's meeting agenda. This is because our City Manager contract was already hastily approved and awarded to Keith Severns at the last workshop meeting after being attached to the agenda at around 9:00 p.m. the night before the meeting. [Much more on the hiring of Keith Severns coming soon.]

How was the Council able to approve the City Manager contract at the workshop meeting when all Council votes are supposed to be reserved for regular Tuesday meetings? City Hall's latest ploy to thwart resident involvement is for Mayor Brooks to declare each Wednesday meeting as a "special meeting." By declaring these Wednesday morning meetings as "special" meetings, the Council can vote on controversial matters at a time when most residents are unable to attend and not expecting a vote - thereby allowing our elected representatives to avoid the hassle of having to listen to resident questions and concerns before voting.

How do you feel about City Hall's latest attempt to avoid your input and involvement? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below, but please be sure to also contact your commissioner and make yourself heard at the upcoming Tuesday meeting on Tuesday, July 2 at 5:30 p.m.!

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  1. The procedure for hiring Keith Severns, who hasn't a college degree, at the jaw dropping salary of $150,000 was opaque. There was no discussion with/by the city attorney about qualifications. That he is doing the job of P & Z director and public works director is not is the job description of the manager of a small city. This agreement seems to have been decided before the workshop.


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