Monday, September 30, 2013

Celebrating Doctor Bernstein

Belle Isle will soon be sending out its first candidate qualification announcement under the new "Bernstein Ordinance." It is a simple postcard containing candidate qualification info, but it represents a big change in our City.

As you may be aware, Belle Isle has not had an contested election since 2006. While this would be a shocking revelation in most other cities of our size, it has become the status quo here in Belle Isle. We seem to have forgotten that contested elections are necessary and healthy for our City. Just as competition in business promotes better products and services, so do contested elections promote better ideas and representation of the people.

The Bernstein Ordinance, originally proposed by Belle Isle resident Dr. Stuart Bernstein and voted into law on September 3, is intended as a first step in changing that status quo. It ensures that all residents are made aware of the candidate qualification requirements and registration dates. But it is only a first step.

Not satisfied with a mere postcard, Doctor B and his lovely assistants set up at the Lake Conway Estates annual meeting to pass out election qualification info for the upcoming election in districts 1 and 7. And on his birthday, no less. Here's to your dedication, Doctor B!

Do you live in districts 1 or 7 or know anyone in those districts who may be interested in running for commissioner? If so, here's some important information to save or print:

2013 Candidate Qualification Info

Not sure which district you're in? Click here to view the district map.

Don't forget, candidate registration for districts 1 and 7 takes place from noon on November 11 through noon on November 15. If you have any questions or need any assistance, feel free to contact Stuart Bernstein at or by phone at (407) 851-1142.

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  1. I honor Dr. Bernstein and Ruth for standing up for the need for citizens to know the necessary dates of qualifying. They have always had an interest in the goings-on in our city. Now could we have a list identifying all the districts in addition to 1 and 7 ? Mary Hand


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