Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wednesday Meetings & Agendas [UPDATE]

There are two upcoming meetings scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, September 25:

Belle Isle City Council Workshop Meeting

The first is the monthly Council Workshop meeting that begins at 8:30 a.m. in City Hall. You can find a copy of the agenda here:

City Council Workshop Meeting Agenda - September 25, 2013

Attached to the agenda, you will find the City's proposed postcard to be sent out under the newly-ratified Bernstein Ordinance which requires the City to inform residents of upcoming election qualification periods. You will also find the curriculum vita of Dr. Adalberto Torres, for reasons discussed below.

Cornerstone Charter Academy (CCA) Board Meeting

Cornerstone Charter Academy's governing board is holding a meeting tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. at Belle Isle City Hall. These CCA governing board meetings are open to the public. Regardless of whether you have a child at Cornerstone, it is important to attend these meetings because our City's financial well-being is directly tied to the school's success. You can find a copy of the CCA meeting agenda here:

Cornerstone Charter Academy Board Meeting Agenda - September 25, 2013

The CCA governing board plans to appoint a new governing board member at the meeting. Presently, the board consists primarily of Belle Isle's mayor and commissioners. Edgewood Mayor Ray Bagshaw personally requested appointment to the CCA governing board, even going so far as to offer funds to support the school. Mayor Bagshaw would be a logical appointment since many Cornerstone students live in Edgewood and are presently unrepresented on the governing board.

However, the City Clerk has confirmed that Mayor Brooks has no intention of appointing Mr. Bagshaw, but will instead appoint Belle Isle resident Adalberto Torres, Jr. MD. You can find Dr. Torres' curriculum vitae attached to the Council Workshop minutes linked above. While Dr. Torres appears to an extremely qualified doctor, and would surely do his best for Cornerstone, it is hard to imagine why Mayor Brooks would prefer to appoint a busy ER doctor from Belle Isle instead of a seasoned mayor from Edgewood who represents many of the students at Cornerstone.

Also of interest on the CCA agenda is the apparent intention of the CCA governing  board to appoint itself as the school's Audit Committee. The Audit Committee's function is to ensure that school funds are being utilized for legitimate school purposes. With our charter school run by Academica, a private for-profit company and Florida's richest charter school management company, it is vitally important to ensure that the board appoints an impartial Audit Committee that has no ties to the school's management.

Again, both meetings will be held at Belle Isle City Hall on Wednesday, September 25. The Council Workshop meeting begins at 8:30 a.m. and the CCA meeting begins at 2:00 p.m. I hope to see you there!

UPDATE 9/25/13:

The City Clerk, Yolanda Quiceno, has requested clarification on her above-referenced statement regarding the nomination of Dr. Torres to the CCA board. She correctly points out that she made no comment regarding whether Mayor Brooks intends to nominate Mayor Bagshaw of Edgewood for the CCA board position. To be more precise, Yolanda only stated that Mayor Brooks intended to nominate Dr. Torres for the board position, but provided no information regarding whether Mayor Bagshaw would be nominated for the position.

Regardless, Mayor Brooks personally confirmed at this morning's workshop meeting that he indeed will not be nominating Mayor Bagshaw for the open CCA board position. Despite requests from multiple City Council members that both candidates be brought in front of the Council for their review, Mayor Brooks refused these requests and reiterated that he will only be nominating his preferred candidate, Dr. Torres, for the CCA governing board position.


  1. It is certainly very interesting and revealing that a doctor moving to the Orlando area in 2012 is being appointed to the governing board of the charter school when a long time resident and mayor of Edgewood who is most interested in being appointed is not even being considered. Another ramming down by the Mayor whose term cannot expire soon enough!! Are the Belle Isle residents going to take this without demanding full disclosure? I certainly hope not.

  2. There are numerous Doctors living in Belle Isle. Some of these Physicians have lived here for 20-30 years...if Brooks needs a Doctor why not pick.one with stronger ties to our community? Wait, this is his way to kiss up to Nemours Hospital again. Doctors historically make bad business people and have no training on how to run a school. Oh, and did I mention I'm a Doctor?

  3. As in many previous decision, Brooks is not interested in Belle Isle, but finding positions for his friends. If the residents of Belle Isle thinks otherwise, I believe they are sadly fooled.

  4. It appears once again the Mayor is off in his own little world and is not really looking after the citizens of Belle Isle. If so many of the citizens of Belle Isle are unhappy with the Mayor ask what can be done!

  5. Recall election.

    We would need to circulate petitions to have a recall election. Is this something the group would consider?

    1. Good idea! Someone needs to research the procedures for a recall.

      (a) Petition content.—A petition shall contain the name of the person sought to be recalled and a statement of grounds for recall. The statement of grounds may not exceed 200 words, and the stated grounds are limited solely to those specified in paragraph (d). If more than one member of the governing body is sought to be recalled, whether such member is elected by the electors of a district or by the electors of the municipality at-large, a separate recall petition shall be prepared for each member sought to be recalled. Upon request, the content of a petition should be, but is not required to be, provided by the proponent in alternative formats.
      (b) Requisite signatures.— (10% of the registered voters, we have about 4,700 registered in Belle Isle)
      All signatures shall be obtained, as provided in paragraph (e), within a period of 30 days, and all signed and dated petition forms shall be filed at the same time, no later than 30 days after the date on which the first signature is obtained on the petition.
      (c) Recall committee.—Electors of the municipality or district making charges contained in the statement of grounds for recall, as well as those signing the recall petition, shall be designated as the recall committee. A specific person shall be designated in the petition as chair of the committee, and this person shall act for the committee. The recall committee and the officer being recalled are subject to the provisions of chapter 106.
      (d) Grounds for recall.—The grounds for removal of elected municipal officials shall, for the purposes of this act, be limited to the following and must be contained in the petition:
      1. Malfeasance;
      2. Misfeasance;
      3. Neglect of duty;
      4. Drunkenness;
      5. Incompetence;
      6. Permanent inability to perform official duties; and
      7. Conviction of a felony involving moral turpitude.
      (e) Signature process.—Only electors of the municipality or district are eligible to sign the petition. Each elector signing a petition shall sign and date his or her name in ink or indelible pencil. Each petition shall contain appropriate lines for each elector’s original signature, printed name, street address, city, county, voter registration number or date of birth, and date signed. The form shall also contain lines for an oath, to be executed by a witness who is to verify the fact that the witness saw each person sign the counterpart of the petition, that each signature appearing thereon is the genuine signature of the person it purports to be, and that the petition was signed in the presence of the witness on the date indicated.
      (f) Filing of signed petitions.—All signed petition forms shall be filed at the same time, no later than 30 days after the date on which the first signature is obtained on the petition. The person designated as chair of the committee shall file the signed petition forms with the auditor or clerk of the municipality or charter county, or his or her equivalent, hereinafter referred to as “clerk.” The petition may not be amended after it is filed with the clerk.

  6. Maybe a petition should be circulated and signed by the Belle Isle residents and then provided directly to the newly appointed doctor (with a copy to the Mayor and City Council) that he is not the choice of the residents and should be embarrassed to accept the appointment. Where is the media - Orlando Sentinel, Channel 9, etc.? This mayor continues to provide a wealth of questionable decisions that lack the support of the residents and in fact, are in complete opposition with the residents. Belle Isle's reputation is becoming the laughing stock of Orange County. Just mention the name of Belle Isle and Mayor Brooks and everyone reacts with a mixture of disgust and incredulous humor. Shame on this dirty politician for not representing his residents and mishandling his responsibilities to them.

  7. I will be happy to sign the recall petition! Where is it?

  8. I can't believe we can find some media outlet to take an interest in some of the questionable "stuff" Brooks and crew is doing. He (Brooks) is an embarrassment to our city.
    I am sure he has some ulterior motive to nominating this doctor.

  9. I would definitely sign a recall petition. Is there anyone who can talk with the media about this issue?

  10. I would think the Mayor upon reading the comments would do the honorable thing and resign his position rather than to be disgraced by having a recall petition against him. Do the right thing Mr. Mayor pass the wand to some one the citizens have more faith in!!!!!

  11. Does anyone know when his term expires?

  12. March 2016. He was just "re-elected" this year, because no one ran against him!

  13. The comment above (2:38) assumes that MB reads BIS. I read his message today in our BI paper. He paints a totally rosy picture. 2:52 also makes an interesting observation, that no one ran against him. I would like to know people who want the position as well as commission positions. A recall sounds great. It would definitely send a message.

  14. There are 4700 registered voters in Belle Isle. What is the subscription numbers for the BI Sun? My neighbor was not very informed about city hall shenanigans but was not happy when I told her what was going on. How do we get the message out?

    1. Does anyone have a contact at one of the TV news stations? The Orlando Sentinel? If the Orlando Sentinel could do an in depth study on everything Brooks has done since taking office and write a chronological article exposing him, and publish it in the Sunday morning edition, it could very well create a groundswell of interest on getting a recall procedure accomplished. It would be even more beneficial if The Belle Isle Sun was mentioned in the article to inform everyone where the REAL facts are made known on a regular basis.

  15. Has anyone contacted city hall for the e-Alert mailing list?

    eMail addresses are public documents, subject to open records requests. This would be a great way to get the word out to the community.


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