Wednesday, January 29, 2014

City Council Candidate Contact Information

I have received numerous reader requests for information about the candidates. In the coming weeks, the Belle Isle Sun, in collaboration with the Conway News, will be publishing the candidates' responses to a recent questionnaire. These questionnaire results should give you a good idea of the candidates' positions on important issues in Belle Isle.

In the meantime, the candidates invite you to contact them regarding local issues that are important to you. Below you will find contact info, as provided by each of the candidates:

Ed Gold, District 1

Susannah Snavely, District 1

Eric S. Spaulding, District 7
  • Mailing Address: 5386 Chiswick Circle, Belle Isle, Florida 32812
  • Phone:  (407) 812-6624 (home) / (407) 761-8989 (cell)
  • Email Address:

Sue Nielsen, District 7

Remember, City Council members are elected by the residents of Belle Isle at large, not just residents from their own districts. Each Council member represents all of us, so be sure to participate in this important and historic election regardless of where in Belle Isle you reside!

The above contact information was provided by the candidates themselves for the purpose of voter communication. So please feel free to call, write or email the candidates with your questions and concerns!


  1. Too bad the voters of each district do not get to choose their own representative but must rely on the entire city's registered voters to choose for them!

  2. Doesn't make sense does it?!!! A bit like unequal representation. Say, if a candidate in District 1 was not supported by voters in his/her district but enjoyed being endorsed by a majority of people from District 3, the effect would be that District 3 could/would be represented by not only their own District 3 but also represented by the newly elected District 1 candidate. Who constructed this type representation? The mayor???

  3. Belle Isle is a broken turd that is being taken over by snodgrass liberal democrats with almost zero business sense. They will F it up for sure. A bunch of snivel snudgies with nothing better to do than to involve themselves in everyone elses business.And they are all a bunch of phony backstabbing two faced patronizers. Ever been to a city council meeting? It is all the City Council can do to not throw the little bums out of the bldg. Here is my prediction: many new latinos and Haitians etc coming to be your new neighbors in Belle Isle. Colombians love this place too. Through expressing our love for our families and the desire in our loins we will take over Belle Isle. Viva La Raza. I am sure you can handle the diversity right. LOL. thats whats a comin so move over.


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