Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Canvassing Board Changes Temporarily Tabled

At last night's meeting, Orange County Elections Supervisor Bill Cowles spoke regarding the importance and responsibilities of an election canvassing board. Following this presentation, the City Council discussed Proposed Ordinance 14-01, which would change the Belle Isle canvassing procedure in local elections.

City Attorney Frank Kruppenbacher cautioned the Council that the month before an election is not an opportune time to overhaul our City's election procedure. He advised the Council to table the proposed ordinance until after the election when it could be considered in outside of a politicized climate and without the "specter" of any wrongdoing. After considering Mr. Kruppenbacher's advice, the Council voted to table Proposed Ordinance 14-01 until after the upcoming election.

Mr. Kruppenbacher further stated that he does not believe that Proposed Ordinance 14-01 violates Article 3.03 of the Belle Isle City Charter, an issue raised by Commissioner Harvey Readey. However, Mr. Kruppenbacher used this question to highlight why he believes, along with Mayor Brooks, that it is time for Belle Isle to revise and update its entire City Charter, including Article 3.03.

To this end, Bill Cowles offered his assistance to ensure that any future City Charter revisions are compliant with state and local election laws. Mr. Cowles believes that the best way to do this is to have the City Charter simply defer to state and local law wherever possible, only filling in the blanks where necessary.

Thank you to all the residents who attended last night's meeting. I hope to see you all again next month!


  1. Hurray!! Maybe they're going to be more law abiding and operate in the Sunshine now? But then again, high expectations usually lead to disapointment. We'll just have to wait and see.

  2. Although my husband attended I was unable. I was so pleased to hear that this ordinance change was postponed. Thank heavens for the guidance of Bill Cowles and for Jeremy [Belle Isle Sun] and his constant 'eye' on our community business. Much appreciation! Unlike in the previous comment, I believe we are at a junction in Belle Isle. More citizens are following our community business as well as speaking up. Thanks to Jeremy for helping us keep abreast of news, especially when some of us are unable to attend meetings, whether routine or 'suddenly' scheduled. We can afford to be optimistic!

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with applause for Jeremy and his dedication to making our community a place we can be proud of.

  4. Thanks Jeremy!! With your watchful eye maybe we can turn this "Peyton Place" politics away from the bill brooks good ole boy system

  5. Let me guess you will be running soon Jeremy?

  6. I hope you do Jeremy!


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