Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2014 City Council Election Results [UPDATE]

Here they are, the unofficial results of your 2014 Belle Isle City Council election (less one provisional ballot awaiting certification on Thursday):

District 1:

Ed Gold - 713 votes

Susannah Snavely - 557 votes

District 7:

Sue Nielsen - 720 votes

Eric Spaulding - 544 votes

As I said previously, just having our first local election in almost a decade has been great for our City by inciting discussion and debate between residents about the important issues we face every day. Now it's time to relax and get a good night's sleep.

UPDATE 3/13/2014

The above results were certified by the Belle Isle canvassing board on Thursday, March 13 with no changes.

Nearly 1300 votes cast is an amazing feat for a small town like Belle Isle. Congratulations to everyone who voted for making this an election for the history books!


  1. Excellent!!!! Congratulations to the winners!!

  2. Awesome! A message was sent!

  3. Congratulations to the winners of a race won fair and square.

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  5. Excellent!! Now maybe we can see the start of a "for the people" city council instead of a "for the Mayor and the good ole boys" council!

  6. Thank God for a chance to do what is right for the people. I wonder how much influence the information we received from the Belle Sun had in this race? I like to think it played a role. Maybe the City will now start it's own newsletter where citizens can give comments and opinions. We need a transparent local government.

  7. The message has been sent to city hall. Congrats to the winners! Now lets all get a good night's sleep including the mayor!

  8. Without the information from the Belle Isle Sun, I would never have been aware of the issues. The fact that you provided access to documents indicated an effort to allow voters to see for themselves and draw their own conclusions. To be honest, I probably would not have bothered to vote had I not been so disgusted with the revelations made by the BIS. Our city owes you...

  9. Yahoo! We will all benefit from this new day in Belle Isle.

  10. Congratulations to Ed and Sue for a race well run! And to Jeremy for all your help! I know I, and the other citizens of Belle Isle, look forward to "Sunshine!" Our little city will change for the better.

  11. Wonderful news!! Such a blessing that The Belle Isle Sun has provided us with an on-going report of everything happening at City Hall. I truly believe that without the information that has been shared the results would have been quite different. Thank you Jeremy for your dogged efforts to keep the Sun shining - we applaud you!! Congratulations to the winners and we look forward to a refreshing new year for Belle Isle!!!

  12. Congratulations to both Sue & Ed - and our thanks to the Belle Isle Sun for giving out all that wonderful unbiased information! May we see a new horizon dawning in Belle Isle!

  13. Interesting going back to the City Manager's Contract.

    The charter states his salary ends when the commission removes him. His contract states it continues for 6 months. This seems to be in direct violation of the city charter (yet again).

    from the charter....

    The city manager may be suspended by a resolution approved by the
    majority of the total membership of the city council, which resolution
    shall set forth the reasons for suspension and proposed removal. A
    copy of such resolution shall be served immediately upon the city
    manager. The city manager shall have fifteen days in which to reply
    thereto in writing, which reply may include a request for a public
    hearing. If no public hearing is requested within fifteen days of the
    service of the resolution of suspension, the council may adopt a final
    resolution of removal, which resolution may be made effective
    immediately. In the event the city manager requests a public hearing,
    a hearing shall be held no earlier than ten days nor later than
    fifteen days after the written request is delivered to the council. At
    the public hearing and after full consideration of the matters therein
    presented, the council may, by a majority vote of its total
    membership, adopt a final resolution of removal, which resolution may
    be made effective immediately. The city manager shall continue to
    receive full compensation through the effective date of the final
    resolution of removal.

    perhaps with the new commissioners, one of them may seek a legal opinion from the State Attorney General (outside of the city's sphere of influence) as to A) The CM's ability to hold the position based on the "term" issues. B.) His employment contract with the city and specifically the termination clause in violation of the charter.

  14. from the Florida AG's site...

    III. Persons to Whom Opinions May Be Issued
    The responsibility of the Attorney General to provide legal opinions is specified in section 16.01(3), Florida Statutes, which provides:
    Notwithstanding any other provision of law, shall, on the written requisition of the Governor, a member of the Cabinet, the head of a department in the executive branch of state government, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the President of the Senate, the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, or the Minority Leader of the Senate, and may, upon the written requisition of a member of the Legislature, other state officer, or officer of a county, municipality, other unit of local government, or political subdivision, give an official opinion and legal advice in writing on any question of law relating to the official duties of the requesting officer.

    Our city commissioners are municipal officers and can independently request an opinion. The commission as a whole does not need to act.

  15. Excellent information! A note of appreciation to the person making the last 2 postings. Hopefully with the 2 newly and properly elected commissioners, the errors of the previous good ole boy administration can, and more importantly, will be corrected.

  16. Lets remember..not all of our existing commissioners supported this...so perhaps they may come forward as well!

  17. The only Commissioner that would have objected to CM contract was Mr. Ready who was not in attendance because he was ill. All others in attendance as always gave their stamp of approval. This was a workshop but was called a special meeting by the Mayor. He wanted the contract approved "pronto" since Mr Readey was not in attendance. Reveiw the minutes for that morning to verify.

  18. If any of the current commissioners objected they should have come forward at THAT time. I don't remember anyone objecting


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