Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wait, Which Candidate Is Being Supported By Outside Special Interests?

You probably received a robocall yesterday from an anonymous group known as "Citizens for an Honest Belle Isle." The call accuses candidate Sue Nielsen of being supported by "vested special interests outside Belle Isle." I'm not sure what that refers to unless it's Sue's endorsement by the Orange County Firefighters.

Today I received copies of the campaign finance reports that City Hall denied to me yesterday, and I can see why they were withheld. Although there is nothing remarkable in the other three reports, incumbent candidate Eric Spaulding's campaign finance reports includes large donations from numerous outside special interests, including Belle Isle's mandated permitting inspector, Universal Engineering Services and a number of other contractors from Winter Park and Orlando.

Mr. Spaulding's campaign finance report isn't long, so I'll just post it below for your review along with the other candidates' finance reports for comparison.

Eric Spaulding Campaign Finance Report

Sue Nielsen Campaign Finance Report

Ed Gold Campaign Finance Report

Susannah Snavely Campaign Finance Report


  1. What reason did they give when not releasing the info. This is public info and should be give to anyone who requests it.

    Interesting to see the amount of total contributions. Eric had more than double everyone else running.

    Also found his contributors list interesting. Being in his district, I didn't get a postcard from him, only one- from Ax the Tax man.

  2. I noticed that this summary covers from 2-22 to 3-6, can we see when and where the other $$ came in from? As an example : Suzanna Snavely had
    $ 2,090.00 in total monetary contributions, but only $ 70.93 was noted in this report and the same for expenditures, there's quite a difference in the total to date and what was noted here


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