Monday, March 10, 2014

Where Is All This Money Coming From?

Over the past 48 hours, I have received four glossy brochures (three were mailed) and one robocall, all in support of City Council candidate Eric Spaulding. A conservative estimate of the total cost of distributing these to our entire City is easily over $10,000.

Who is paying for all these communications? I'd love to be able to answer that question for you. I requested all the candidates' campaign finance reports early this afternoon while our City Clerk was in the office. Even though City Hall confirmed that the requested records were sitting in the Clerk's office and available for copying, having been just turned in on Friday, they refused to provide these records by the end of the day as I requested and as they have done previously.

With regard to the robocall many residents received this afternoon from an unknown PAC named "Citizens for an Honest Belle Isle," the source of its funding will remain a mystery until after the election because the call was timed to occur late enough that public records could not be obtained regarding its funding.

At the risk of stating the obvious, it's a bit ironic that "Citizens for an Honest Belle Isle," a PAC that chooses to obscure the identities of its donors, is accusing Sue Nielsen of being "put up to run by vested special interests outside the city." More so when you consider the fact that outside special interests personally sponsored the mailed attack ad against Sue Nielsen.

Although Sue Nielsen is fully qualified to run as a resident of district 7 (see and has not been supported by anyone outside of Belle Isle, unless you count the firefighters and a few people with properties outside Belle Isle who allowed her to display signs, the robocall ad does get something right. Vested interests are supporting Sue Nielsen - long-time residents across Belle Isle who are ready to take back control of their City. Many of these residents, such as Dr. Stuart Bernstein, contributed to Sue Nielsen's candidacy by helping her make the decision to run.

So who do you trust more, a candidate who was motivated to run because of her peers and their love of this City, or a candidate supported by unknown interests who are willing to spend and say anything to win this campaign?

Why would those supporting Mr. Spaulding's candidacy hide their identities? If someone loves Belle Isle enough to spend that kind of money out of love for our City, why wouldn't they be proud to stand up and proclaim it?


  1. Negative attack ads always make me think...Does this person have nothing positive to say for himself? Why is he trying to win by attacking instead of stating his platform and accomplishments and allowing for his opponent to do the same? We have enough 'dirty' politics in Washington. I am so very sorry to see them here. I thought this was a classy town, but I see I am wrong. I'd like so very much to see the best candidate win in an honest campaign and election. That is not to be thanks to the closet group sponsoring the robocall. Sad, sad, sad.

    1. I think it is still a town with class, but with a few as stated above who are trying to bring us to their gutter level. I have not paid attention to the local campaigns since I never knew anyone running. I could only vote according to the info received via THEIR mailers. This year is was shocked to get the postcard and the robo call, which I should have listed to the end, but it really ticked me off. I immediately though of our professional politicians at state and federal level--which is very negative feeling of greed and corruption. If it wouldn't have been for this newsletter, Eric would have had my uninformed vote again. Pleas keep us informed on Belle Isle. Thank you.

  2. Today is a sad day for Belle Isle. I just received a telephone call attacking an honest candidate with lies that prompts me to write..
    Our small city, with volunteer commissioners, are going to the extreme with this election that makes you wonder. It seems like money is no object. I'd like to know who is going to benefit because they want to make sure their candidate wins at any cost. Yes, we would all like to know where is all the money coming from.

  3. Hey Jeremy !!! Me again,you claim to be a lawyer, riddle me this. Does the Candidate for office need to live in her district?? As of 10 minutes ago she has yet to live in her district home she purchased just before cut off date. Sounds a little " Clouded" to me. I think that might violate some sort of law or Ethics policy.... Didn't post that HHHMMMM more trivial one sided Hog Wash from the mouth of Babes.....I see why the other two candidates backed out leaving you with Sue and Ed........

    1. I would suggest checking the Belle Isle City Charter, which requires a City Council member to reside in his or her district throughout her term. You can find the Charter linked from the official Belle Isle website.

      Mrs. Nielsen is presently living in her new home in District 7 and will be living there for years to come. Her home had to be entirely re-plumbed, bit she's there right now if you're looking for her. Look for the house with the orchids out front.

      Sue Nielsen may have bought her home recently after spending over a year living with her daughter on Nela, but I know that her neighbors aren't complaining about the improvements she has put into her new home or the corresponding increase in their own property values.

      If there had been any reason to disqualify Sue Nielsen from this election, I guarantee you that City Attorney Frank Kruppenbacher would have found it when Mayor Brooks requested that he do so immediately after Sue announced her candidacy.

  4. Shadow, when in doubt do your homework and research the laws and ethics policy. You must be one of Doug Guetzloe's BFF too!

  5. Is Academica the deep pocket?


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