Friday, February 27, 2015

Trentwood & McCoy Area Update

As previously reported, two separate development projects were proposed over the past weeks for the property located at 2635 McCoy Road, directly behind and across from homes on the west end of Trentwood Blvd.

Value Place Extended Stay Hotel

To date, the hotel developer has not yet proceeded to requesting a height variance from the Planning and Zoning Board for the planned hotel at 2635 McCoy. According to reports at the last City Council workshop meeting, the developer is now evaluating a different site for their hotel - the old Unified Aircraft Services building located at 1934 McCoy Road.

Billboard Height Increase

Last Tuesday, February 24, the Belle Isle Planning and Zoning Board addressed a height variance request for the billboard located at 2635 McCoy. Trentwood residents can already see light emitting from the present billboard at night, and are concerned about a significant increase in the amount of visible light if the billboard becomes taller.

The Planning and Zoning Board delayed voting on this height variance until they could evaluate the amount of light emitting from the billboard and how this change in height would affect Trentwood residents.

Please stay tuned to the Belle Isle Sun for more information about these issues as they develop.

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