Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Huge P&Z Meeting Tonight

Four cases are on the Planning and Zoning agenda for the meeting tonight at 6:30 P.M. If you are concerned about the outcomes, please be sure to attend.

You can see these cases on the city website under Departments - Planning and Zoning. Just scroll down to the date and click on “agenda.” Here is a summary for your convenience. Remember that variance means a departure from code, so if you have any opinions on these changes, come to the meeting and say so. All matters before P and Z are public hearings, so come and exercise your right to be heard.

1. Variance request to place a 5 foot fence across the front of the property and a six foot fence going eastward to the front of the garage. Address: 7210 Seminole Drive.

2. Variance request to allow a 21 foot increase in maximum building height for a hotel at 1934 McCoy Road.

3. (WITHDRAWN) Variance request to build six homes on the one acre lot at the intersection of Nela and Seminole. This request has been withdrawn by the applicant (contractor and purchaser Brent Walters). The withdrawal occurred because Mr. Walters and City Manager Keith Severns have stated that no variance is necessary to proceed with this walled and gated development. Many concerns and questions have been raised about this development and this sudden announcement that the property in question is zoned R-2 rather than R-1AA. The County property appraiser has the property zoned as R-1AA, which does not allow for six homes on the lot. Mr. Walters intends to go through with the purchase of the property only if all six lots are allowed, and has announced on Lake Conway Estates Next Door site on May 23 that he will be available for discussion with citizens at 6:00 P.M. before the meeting at City Hall on Tuesday night. He also provided his e-mail where you may contact him: brentwalters@mac.com

4. This is the previously denied variance request to raise the existing billboard at 2635 McCoy Road from 45 to 65 feet. Trentwood residents and all who enjoy the skyline from Nela Bridge or from the middle of the south lake will have an opportunity to speak your mind.


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