Monday, June 1, 2015

Another Big Agenda for Tuesday Meeting

There seems to be quite a lot happening at recent City meetings, including last week's Planning & Zoning Board meeting. Tomorrow's City Council meeting at 6:00 p.m. will be no exception.

On the Tuesday meeting agenda, linked below, you will find a proposed resolution along with six proposed ordinances up for first reading and consideration by the Council. These proposed resolutions and ordinances include the following:

  • Resolution 15-07 increasing Belle Isle stormwater fees to more than double their present amount.
  • Ordinance 15-02 changing the Belle Isle election canvassing board to be the county when City elections are held in conjunction with county-wide elections. This ordinance also changes the canvassing board for elections held not in conjunction with county-wide elections to consist of one City Council member, the City Clerk, and the City Manager.
  • Ordinances 15-03, 15-04 "regulating the construction, repair and maintenance of boat docks" as well as the anchoring of manufactured homes, which shifts the permitting process and applicable code to that of the City instead of the county.
  • Ordinances 15-05, 15-06, 15-07 changing enforcement of the Belle Isle Code of Ordinances and other law enforcement activities to be performed by the Belle Isle Police Department instead of the county sheriff's office.

Proposed ordinances 15-03 through 15-07 simply aim to clean up the code to conform with current City practices. It does not appear that these will have any effect on the City's present actions.

However, proposed ordinance 15-02 will make significant changes to the composition of our election canvassing board. This ordinance contains two components. The first designates the county canvassing board as the canvassing entity in elections held in conjunction with county-wide elections. This change was recently discussed in Council and it appears that most residents and Council members are in favor of this change. 

The second portion of this ordinance bears a strong resemblance to a similar change proposed and rejected by residents and Council nearly two years ago. The second effect of this ordinance would be to change the composition of the canvassing board in strictly local elections from a majority of the City Council to a single member of the Council, along with the City Manager and the City Clerk.

In addition to the numerous items listed on the agenda, a number of residents are interested in addressing the issue of the six-home walled and gated subdivision which a developer is presently seeking to build in the lakefront lot at the intersection of Nela and Seminole. On that issue, resident Gregory Gent requested publication of the following statement:
The matter of the six-home walled development and the zoning of that property was discussed in the City Council workshop last week. Several issues were discussed but primarily that there was city code passed 5 months prior to the ordinance (05-17 granting R-2 status) stating that all waterfront property in Belle Isle, unless already zoned something else, must be zoned R-1A, R-1AA, or R-1AAA.
The City Attorney is presently reviewing documents regarding Ordinances 5-17, 5-18 & 5-19, discussed back in 2005 but never committed to City Code. For those most concerned with the 6 foot concrete wall surrounding the proposed subdivision, code has been identified that prohibits a fence or wall "within 20 feet of a corner intersection of street rights-of-way.” 
Each of us has many ways they would rather spend a Tuesday evening, but we need a strong showing at Tuesday's council meeting to make it clear to the City that this proposed development does not belong in our neighborhood for many reasons. Residents will have an opportunity towards the beginning of the meeting to voice their opinions.
Please help the cause and be there Tuesday, June 2nd at 6:00 p.m. (at Belle Isle City Hall) to show how you feel about the six-home walled subdivision at Nela/Seminole. 
And please pass this info on to all your neighbors and visit to find more information about this proposed development!
Hope to see you all this Tuesday, June 2 at 6:00 p.m. You can find a copy of the meeting agenda linked below: