Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Belle Isle Candidate List

Belle Isle candidate qualifications took place back in November, so this isn't exactly hot news. But without any further ado, here is a quick rundown of the candidates in our 2016 Belle Isle election.

There are a total of four positions up for election this year, including three City Council seats and the mayor. The candidates are:

Lydia Pisano (running unopposed & presumptively elected)

City Council, District 2:
Anthony Carugno
Katy McGinnis

City Council, District 3:
Karl Shuck (incumbent)
Jeremy Weinsier

City Council, District 4:
Larry Ady (incumbent)
Bobby Lance

As you can see, all three of these City Council seats are contested and the incumbent from District 2 is not seeking reelection. Therefore, at least one and as many as three new City Council members will be elected this year. The 2016 Belle Isle City Council election will coincide with the presidential primary on Tuesday, March 15.

You may have noticed that my name is included as a candidate for the District 3 seat. For additional information about my 2016 "Weinsier for City Council" campaign, please visit

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