Tuesday, March 15, 2016

2016 City Council Election Results [FINAL]

Here they are, the unofficial results of your 2016 Belle Isle City Council election! Remember, these results are unofficial until final certification by the canvassing board.

City Council, District 2:
Anthony Carugno - 1037
Katy McGinnis - 1086

City Council, District 3:
Karl Shuck - 1056
Jeremy Weinsier - 1065

City Council, District 4:
Larry Ady - 510
Bobby Lance - 1584

We had great voter turnout in Belle Isle! Thanks to everyone who voted this year!

UPDATE 3/15/16:

The Supervisor of Elections has updated its election results based on additional absentee ballots processed. The updated totals are reflected above.

At this time, absentee ballots have been fully processed by the canvassing board. However, these results are still unofficial pending final review on Thursday.

UPDATE 3/18/16:

After processing provisional ballots, the District 3 race was close enough to trigger the Florida automatic recount procedure. Therefore, a recount was performed this afternoon by the Orange County Canvassing Board at the Supervisor of Elections office. You can find the results of that recount posted below.

The updated totals above are now final, although they will not be certified until Friday, March 25 based on Florida law for presidential primaries. Thanks to everyone who participated in the City Council election process this year!

UPDATE 3/25/16:

The above election results were certified on March 25, 2016 by the Orange County Canvassing Board. Congratulations to the winners!

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